May 6th, 2007


James Evans still GOP Chair -- thank goodness!

On paper, it might seem like a bad thing:  James Evans has been re-elected chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party, and is making it his life's ambition to oust the louse -- hey, there's your campaign slogan! -- in the Mayor's office, that wild man Peter Corroon.  But let's diagram that sentence for a moment.

James Evans.  The guy who cinched the election for the new Democratic sheriff in town by circulating a training video and claiming it was how Jim Winder really talked?  The guy who lost the auditor's office to a Democrat?  The guy who almost lost the District Attorney's office?  The guy who helped boost Peter Corroon's popularity through personal attacks and accused Rocky Anderson, of all people, of racism?  Basically, the guy who helped Democrats have their best year in a long time at the local level?  We like his instincts!

Even more important, he's a blogger's dream.  Just when you're wishing that some local politician would do something silly, there he is!  Please let us know the next time you're up for re-election, James.  We want a yard sign.